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What is a party wall and when do you need a party wall surveyor?

If you are planning on extending or improving your existing property or intend to purchase a new property with planning permission or with the intention to do building work, then knowledge about the Party Wall Act will be important!

The main aim of the Party Wall Act is to avoid disputes and minimise risks by making sure the property owners formally tell their neighbours in advance – through the party wall notice – about the proposed works and how the work will be carried out. It allows owners to carry out certain work whilst at the same time protecting anyone else who might be affected by the work. If you are doing any works to a party wall you have to serve notice to the adjoining owner and there maybe one or more adjoining owners like a landlord and tenant for example.

  • A party wall is a wall astride the boundary of land belonging to two (or more) different owners.
  • A party fence wall such as a garden wall that stands on the boundary line between your home and a neighbour’s (not necessarily adjoining) building.
  • A party structure is a wall or floor seperating buildings or part of a building – for example between flats or maisonettes.

The role of a party wall surveyor is to assess the work being carried out, and the objections the adjoining owners may have and to draw up an impartial Party Wall Award. This is a document that sets out how and when the work is to be carried out and details of any additional work that needs to be undertaken. As specialist Party Wall Surveyors we offer a professional and bespoke personal service to residential and commercial occupiers and owners affected by Party Wall matters.

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