Have you been served notice?

If you receive a party wall notice relating to your neighbour’s proposed works you have 14 days in which to respond in writing. This is usually by way of an acknowledgement form; either agreeing to the works as set out in the notice, or dissenting to the work and accepting the appointment of an agreed surveyor (who acts for both parties) or appointing a party wall surveyor to act for you.

Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation during which your particular needs can be discussed.

Once instructed your appointed party wall surveyor will undertake negotiations on your behalf with respect to the preparation of a party wall award; the document which formalises what, how, when and where works are to be undertaken. Our surveyors can also undertake condition surveys of your property, before and after the works are completed, if this is necessary.

If you fail to respond within 14 days the matter is deemed to be in dispute and an agreed jointly acting surveyor, or individual surveyors will have to be appointed to prepare the party wall awards.

NOTE: You cannot prevent lawful works from going ahead, but by responding appropriately, you can influence how the works are undertaken so as to minimise damage and disruption