Appointment by the Building owner?

So you are planning to undertake building work at your property. You can understand that you have a legal obligation to inform anyone who may be affected by this work, as you yourself would expect to be informed if one of your neighbours was intending to undertake similar work.

If your works are minor, you are on good terms with your neighbours and you do not have many neighbours to inform it may be possible to fulfil your legal obligations by following the guidance provided by the explanatory notes.

If your works are more involved and you have a number of neighbouring properties, or one or more difficult neighbours, you will definitely need to seek the services of a party wall surveyor.

When appointed we can advise on all the necessary party wall notices; arrange for them to be drawn up and served. We take care of all the appointments and other arrangements that are necessary to reach an agreement, and issue appropriate party wall awards in accordance with the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act of 1996.

If your neighbours consent the appointed party wall surveyor can act jointly. The appointed surveyor is obliged to act impartially and will take into account all the outstanding issues during the preparation of the party wall awards.

If your neighbours wish to employ their own party wall surveyor then your appointed Adair surveyor will undertake all the necessary dialogue with this surveyor in order to prepare the party wall award.

As the cost of all the party wall surveying services is usually paid by the building’s owner it is obviously financially advantageous to have a surveyor who can act jointly.